The story behind the Leibniz PhD Network

ReportHow it all started. After one and half year of intensive work, many events and ideas. Take a look back and read here how the Leibniz PhD Network was founded.

Early in 2016, Camille Gaillard and Elisabeth Berger, two doctoral researchers from the Senckenberg Research Institute and Natural History Museum Frankfurt (SGN), voiced their realization of a lack of integration between doctoral researchers across Leibniz Institutes. Together with the support of the Leibniz Association, they sought to bring together PhD representatives from all 89 institutes belonging to the Leibniz Association at the time.

As a result, the Leibniz PhD Network was founded on the 22nd of September 2016. The network is open to all PhD candidates of the Leibniz Association and it aims to promote exchange among doctoral researchers on their research as well as on topics of societal and political importance. Furthermore, the network gives voice to concerns of doctoral researchers within the Leibniz Association.

(Title picture: 1st general assembly of the Leibniz PhD representatives, where Leibniz PhD Network, Max Planck PhDnet and Helmholtz Juniors came together for the first time. From left to right: Arvid Diehn, Elisabeth Berger, Antonio Arcudi, unknown, Martin Grund, Martin Schmidt, Olga Naumov, Camille Gaillard, David Edeler, Konstantin Kuhne, Kati Häfner, MikheilGogiashvili and Michael Annegarn-Gläß)



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