Joint Dinner & Science Slam

Joint Dinner

diner_headerAfter a whole day of science and serious discussions, we would like to invite you to a relaxed dinner. We are going to prepare a BBQ in an old fortress in the center of Magdeburg. Once used as a defense for the city in the 19th century and now renovated for events with a special character. Freshly prepared salads, crispy grilled meat and cheese and self-made sauces will wait for you!



No worries we have thought about vegetarians too 😉

Science Slam


Rules for participants:

  1. You have 5 min to explain your research. Try to make it clear and entertaining. The presentation should be in English.
  2. You may use props, but don’t make them too sophisticated or you can lose your presentation time.
  3. You may use PowerPoint slides, but they are not obligatory.
  4. The audience will choose the three winners, who will receive the attractive prizes. Every participant will receive a certificate.
  5. To participate in the science slam you need to register via our conference registration site. Due to the time constrains of the event, we can only accept 12 participants in total. First come, first served!
  6. Invite your friends to support you, the entrance will be open and free of charge! !
  7. Moderator: Daniel Meza: He will open the science slam with his own science slam presentation and will proceed with the moderation for the other science slam participants.


Some examples for inspiration: