Section B Spokesperson

Tieza Mica Santos

I am currently a Ph.D. fellow at the Dresden Leibniz Graduate School (DLGS), a joint interdisciplinary facility of the Leibniz-Institut für ökologische Raumentwicklung (IÖR) and the Technische Universität Dresden (TUD). I am a political scientist and international development work specialist by profession before shifting to academia. I completed my Bachelors in European Studies – Major in International Relations and Masters in Political Science – Major in Global Politics in the Philippines. I have worked on various projects with governments, multilateral institutions, civil society and grassroots organization, and the private sector. My worked mainly focused on sustainable and climate finance, water-food-energy nexus, natural resource governance, climate mitigation and low-carbon transition for cities, nature-based solutions for climate-vulnerable communities, and social enterprises and startups in Southeast Asia and Europe. I later moved to Hungary to pursue my Masters in Environmental Sciences and Policy.

I consider myself an “Accidental Scientist” after realizing how my professional journey and academic training have been complementary. This later sparked my interest in the natural and environmental sciences and laid the foundations of my scientific skills and knowledge. As a systems thinker, I have a clear vision of my capability to contribute to the science-policy and research-praxis nexus that can address complex transformation challenges. I hope to also contribute to further strengthening the Leibniz Ph.D. network through research exchange and networking that will foster inter- and multi-disciplinary scientific collaboration.