Section D Spokesperson

Zahra Kafrashian

I am a doctoral researcher at INM Leibniz Institute for new materials in Saarland, Germany. 

I come from Tehran, Iran and I received my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Polymer science and engineering at Amirkabir university of technology in Tehran. In my masters, I was more focused on biomaterials, and I decided to continue my higher education in this field. I joined the Dynamic Biomaterials group which is an interface between biomaterials and engineered living materials. My thesis is more focused on delivery of therapeutic materials via light activation of biomaterials in the concept of optical waveguides.

Apart from my studies, I would like to be part of the network of doctoral researchers in hope of promoting the quality of working conditions for PhDs during our studies so we can focus and learn efficiently with less concerns, especially facing a hard pandemic which affected many of us during this time.

In my parallel life next to the PhD world, I play basketball for a club in Saarland and I enjoy learning music and photography for fun. 

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