Survey 2017

Yes, we did it! After a hundreds of working hours we proudly present the final report of the first Leibniz PhD survey. More than 1,000 doctoral researchers participated in the survey launched by the Leibniz PhD Network in November 2017. Overall, we achieved a high response rate of 40,5% indicating an overall interest in the topic. The analysis represents the first detailed and quantitative description about the working conditions of doctoral researchers in more than 90 Leibniz Institutes and Research Museums. We thank the authors, the members of the survey working group and all people involved for their commitment and valuable work in the development, conduction and analysis of the survey. We invite you to study the results in detail within the full report or its executive summary. On this site, we will also present insights into the data on a weekly basis in our “Chart of the week” series.



⇛Executive Summary⇚

When referring to the original publication, cite as: Arcudi, A., Cumurovic, A., Gotter, C., Graeber, D., Joly, P., Ott, V., Schanze, J.-L., Thater, S., Weltin, M., Yenikent, S. (2019) Doctoral Researchers in the Leibniz Association: Final Report of the 2017 Leibniz PhD Survey

For doctoral researchers representatives we have put together a presentation you can use to present and discuss the key findings of this study to our institute’s doctoral researchers body.

Charts of the week


Press and Media Comments

Note of thanks

Survey report: Survey Working Group and the team of authors consisting of doctoral Researchers of various Leibniz Institutes.

We acknowledge the close collaboration with the Leibniz Head Office during the development of the survey. Thank you very much!

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