WG Career Development

(currently inactive)

The Working Group Career Development wants to create a network and database for Leibniz PhD Students to aid in creating their individual road maps to their careers. To this end we work on:

  • Building a Leibniz Alumni Network to learn about career paths in science and the free market, for us to draw inspiration.
  • Collaborating with the Leibniz Postdoc Network, to achieve mentoring and learn from their experiences.
  • Interview Leibniz Postdocs on conferences etc. and publish these on the PhD Network’s homepage.
  • Build a database of People and Companies providing soft- and hard skill courses, creating a database to draw from when organizing winter/summer schools or similar events.

We are a newly founded WG and will shape its future path during this year. If you feel you’d like to contribute to this project with your ideas and time, we’re happy to welcome you to the WG Career Development.

If you are interested in reviving this group, contact