WG Events 2020

The General Assembly 2020

All elected PhD representatives of the 95 Leibniz Institutes and Research Museums meet at the annual General Assembly for two days for networking, exchanging best practices and discussing current and future challenges of doctoral researchers in the Leibniz Association and in Germany. This General Asssembly is of crucial for the Leibniz PhD Network, since it also contains a discussion of the Standing Rules and the election of a new Steering Group.

If you are not a representative but you want to participate to the Network reach out to our Working Groups directly, contact one of the spokespersons (Anja Jahn or Jacob Gorenflos) or use the online contact formular.

Further information about the General Assembly will be published here soon. Thank you for your patience!

Antoine Verriere (Antoine.Verriere@mfn.berlin)
Jacob Gorenflos (gorenflos@fmp-berlin.de)‎