WG Events 2019

In 2019 two events are on the horizon: The General Assembly (GA) and the N2 Event.

The GA’s location is not fixed yet but several options are on the table. The main task of this subgroup is to fix the program and make sure all representatives are enjoying an informative and fun time at the meeting. Obviously, being in the city is helpful but there will always be administrative work that can be divided. If you want to be part of this group direct your request to the following contact.

Aman Malik

Similar to the Science Communication Conference 2017 the N2 Network of Networks is in the process of organizing a second joint event in Berlin. This three-day event under the working title “From Research to Application” is going to scale for 350 doctoral researchers and is scheduled for the 13th until 15th of November 2019. In N2 the doctoral researchers representations of the Helmholtz Juniors, Leibniz PhD Network and Max Planck PhDnet are working together.


Kasia Stoltmann