WG Events 2019

In 2019 two events are on the horizon: The General Assembly (GA) and the N2 Event.

The General Assembly 2019

All elected PhD representatives of the 95 Leibniz Institutes and Research Museums meet at the annual General Assembly for two days for networking, exchanging best practices and discussing current and future challenges of doctoral researchers in the Leibniz Association and in Germany. This General Asssembly is of crucial for the Leibniz PhD Network, since it also contains a discussion of the Standing Rules and the election of a new Steering Group.

If you are not a representative but you want to participate to the Network reach out to our Working Groups directly, contact one of the spokespersons Katharina Willenbücher or Jonathan Stefanowski or use the online contact formular.

Our 2019 General Assembly will take place in Potsdam, Brandenburg from 26. to 27. September 2019 at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK). On the 25th we offer social events which we warmly invite you to participate in. You can find more information here.

Aman Malik

The N2 Event 2019 – From Research to Application

Similar to the Science Communication Conference 2017 the N2 Network of Networks is organizing a second joint event in Berlin. This three-day event under the title “From Research to Application” is going to scale for 350 doctoral researchers and is scheduled for the 13th until 15th of November 2019 with an exciting program. Registration will be open soon, so stay tuned on our media channels.
In N2 the doctoral researchers representations of the Helmholtz Juniors, Leibniz PhD Network and Max Planck PhDnet are working together.

Contact – Leibniz
Kasia Stoltmann

Contact – N2 Event organizers
n2event19@lists.gwdg.de or on Social Media