WG Mental Health

Our team works to create a space for mental health awareness and well-being in academia. As junior researchers, we are constantly exposed to demanding tasks in which we invest a large amount of time and effort. Furthermore, high expectations and busy schedules constantly distance us from a healthy work-life balance. When these conditions are maintained for long periods, an emotional imbalance can be triggered and our mental health suffers as a consequence. Therefore, as members of the Leibniz PhD Network, we are utilizing a great opportunity to create a channel where junior researchers can exchange tools, experiences, and resources that could improve our mental health throughout our careers.

Which are our main goals?

  • Raise awareness about mental health in academia.
  • Provide tools and resources to maintain a joyful work-life balance.
  • Promote feedback about mental health and wellbeing concerns among junior researchers within the Leibniz Network.
  • Establish guidelines to continue long-lasting support for junior researchers’ mental health.

How can you help our team?

  • You can join us! We will be glad to have you in the team.
  • Help us by sharing our content among junior researchers.
  • Your suggestions and resources are also welcomed.
  • Your participation in the surveys from the Leibniz PhD Network helps us to collect data on your mental health status which can be used to improve working conditions within the Leibniz Association.  

Who can I contact if I have questions about the working group?

Pankhuri Saxena psaxena@dpz.eu