Working Groups

WG Communication

The tasks of this group initially consisted of establishing structures and platforms intended for the network’s online presence and visibility externally as well as among Leibniz doctoral researchers, and working towards higher inclusion and participation rates from Leibniz institutes. Currently, the communication group is in charge of tasks such as preparation of official documents as well as management of communications through Facebook, Twitter, and our web blog.


WG Communications at the Leibniz PhD Network’s future workshop (April 2018).

Meike Weltin
Jonathan Stefanowski

WG Diversity, Equal opportunities, Working Conditions

The working group aims at establishing a culture of diversity and inclusion towards improving working conditions. The main goal is to ensure that all Leibniz doctoral researchers benefit from equal opportunities throughout their professional development, regardless of socio-economic status, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, and physical or mental health. This working group is subdivided in the survey group and PhD agreement group.

The survey group is evaluating the position of doctoral researchers with regard to the above topics and plans to use the results to formulate recommendations for the Leibniz Association. We invite all Leibniz doctoral researchers to share their ideas and raise their concerns.

WG survey

WG Survey at the Leibniz PhD Network’s future workshop (April 2018).

The PhD agreement group focuses on the creation of guidelines that will help ensure equal and rightful supervision standards for all doctoral researchers and collaborates closely with the working group of “Karriereförderung” of the Leibniz Association. The current aim is to provide an agreement with minimum standards that apply to all institutes. The agreement is meant to function as a basis to establish or improve existing PhD agreements.

WG PhD agreement

WG PhD Agreement at the Leibniz PhD Network’s future workshop (April 2018).

Contact Survey Group:
Daniel Graeber

Contacts PhD Agreement Group:
Saskia Ripp                                       
Rosa Grote-Galvez

WG Events

The Leibniz Association is very diverse in its scientific portfolio. Doctoral researchers should benefit from this diversity by gathering together in interdisciplinary conferences. The event group organizes such opportunities for doctoral researchers ranging from section-specific conferences to interdisciplinary events and joint events together with other young scientists from different research associations in Germany. Furthermore, this group is responsible for planning the network’s annual general assembly, which marks the end of a term within the Leibniz PhD Network and to which all members of the network are invited.

WG int conf

WG Interdisciplinary Conference at the Leibniz PhD Network’s future workshop (April 2018).

Contacts Interdisciplinary Conference:
Gerta Shema
Katarzyna Stoltmann       

Contacts General Assembly:
Florian Korinth                  
Marie Urbicht