WG Diversity


Our group works towards the inclusion of various aspects of diversity in the radar of the Leibniz PhD Network. To this end, we have the following goals: 

● Raise awareness of diversity issues in the workplace and specifically as a PhD researcher. 

● Include diversity issues with articles, new ideas or changes in documents or survey, and future activities of the Leibniz PhD Network. 

● Organize events dealing with diversity in the workplace. 

What diversity means for us

In this group, diversity is discussed at different levels and perspectives.

o Culture and nationality: Working at a scientific institution is an international experience. People from different countries, religions, and backgrounds join forces together for a common goal, but it can be challenging. Different topics arise from this perspective: 

● Language barrier

● Hierarchical views from different cultures

● Fundamental differences in culture and cultural values 

● Differences in Education Systems and qualifications.  

o Family life: Combining work and family life can be challenging while doing a PhD research. We want to discuss the problems that arise when you have a family or decide to start one while doing your PhD. The following topics are of interest: 

● Family friendly workspace 

● Family friendly working conditions 

● Possibility of home office for parents 

● Having children in academia: during your PhD and beyond. 

● Childcare during scientific events 

● Childcare is not only related to female doctoral researchers. Including men in the family friendly guidelines. 

o LGBTQ+ visibility: Individuals that identify as LGBTQ+ face challenges within their work environments which include: 

● Coming out in the workspace 

● Gender identity 

● Lack of gender-neutral bathrooms/changing facilities 

If you would like to contribute towards diverse, positive and excellent research environment in Leibniz association please contact Navaneetha C Manjappa (manjappa@ihp-microelectronics.com) or Guilherme A. (guilherme.abuchahla@leibniz-zmt.de)