WG Diversity


The goal of this team is to include diversity issues in the radar of the Leibniz PhD Network. To this end, this group works in coordination with the Working Conditions group to integrate diversity related issues and to support with new ideas or modifications in any document or survey produced by this network.

How we work

This group raises the awareness of diversity issues in the academic context. To this end this group will act as:

  1. Consultancy for any other group planning an event, survey or writing a document
  2. Partner of the Working Conditions group
  3. Its own entity to plan and organize diversity related events.

What diversity means for us

In this group, diversity is discussed in different levels and perspectives.

  • Culture and nationality: Working in a scientific institution is an international experience. People from different countries, religions and backgrounds join forces together for a common goal, but it can be challenging. Different topics arise from this perspective:
    • Language barriers
    • Hierarchical views from different cultures
    • Fundamental differences in culture and cultural values
    • Differences in Education Systems and qualifications.
  • Family life: Combining work and family life can be challenging while writing your thesis. We want to discuss the problems that arise when you have a family or decide to start one while doing your PhD.
    • Family friendly workspace
    • Family friendly working conditions
    • Possibility of home office for parents
    • Having children in academia: during your PhD and beyond.
    • Childcare during scientific events
    • Including men in the family friendly guidelines.
  • Personal life: This area includes any issues arising from your own personal circumstances. This includes gender, gender identity, sexual orientation or any other matter affecting your personal life.


  • Raise awareness of diversity issues in the workplace and specifically as a PhD researcher.
  • Include diversity issues in documents and future activities of the Leibniz PhD Network.
  • Long term plan: Organize events dealing with diversity in the workplace.


Member Area of interest Contact
Navaneetha Channiganathota Manjappa
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Gender Equality
Mara Oßwald
  • Gender Equality
  • Family + work/academia
mara oßwald
Dalal El Youssoufi
  • Internationals