Dear Leibniz doctoral community,

If you are not too busy with your research or other errands, you are probably following the huge solidarity manifestation to the anti-racism cause in the past few days. Even though this movement has initially sparked in the United States, the same racism happens all over the world – yes, also in Germany.

The Leibniz PhD Network WG Diversity would like to bring something more to light rather than just reminding people that what differs us in our many skin shades is a mere pigment named melanin, and that this tiny difference has led to years of suffering and oppression that must be acknowledged.

Here you can find 12 suggestions of how to understand racism, especially towards black people all over the world, and hopefully acting against it. The following links were all elaborated by people who feel this matter in their skin every day. Let’s learn from them how to be better and how to help others.

  • 7 movies to learn more about racisms and black history
  • Obama’s word on how to make this moment the turning point for real change
  • The home to the whole ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement
  • Twitter platforms for black scientists

If you want to share your voice on the subject, or maybe want to add further suggestions of how we can all educate ourselves, get in touch with Navaneetha (manjappa@ihp-microelectronics.com) or Gui (guilherme.abuchahla@leibniz-zmt.de).

We hope you are all safe and sound!

The Leibniz PhD Network WG Diversity

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