Survey 2021

This report presents the results of the third Leibniz PhD Survey, developed and conducted by the Leibniz PhD Network in collaboration with members of the Helmholtz Juniors and the Max Planck PhDnet. The Leibniz Association currently connects 97 research institutes. In total, around 800 doctoral researchers working at 81 out of 97 Leibniz Institutes took part in the survey.

When referring to the original publication, cite as Delgado-Osorio, X., Gierke, M., Jaen, J., Kansiime, J., Lonken, D., Pérez-Bosch Quesada, E., Ramachandran, K., Rizzi, T. and Saxena, P., 2023. Being a Doctoral Researcher in the Leibniz Association: 2021 Leibniz PhD Network Survey Report.
DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.29723.44320


Note of thanks

Survey report: Survey Working Group and the team of authors consisting of doctoral Researchers from various Leibniz Institutes.
We acknowledge the close collaboration with the Leibniz Head Office during the development of the survey. Thank you very much!