Some statistics for the weekend

To physically unite all forces and proceed in large steps with the evaluation of the Leibniz PhD Network’s survey data, the Survey working group met in Berlin for a retreat at the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW) on the 17th and 18th of August. The survey, with over 1,000 respondents, gives a first comprehensive overview of the situation of the doctoral researchers in the Leibniz Association.

The working group members have set the ambitious goals of delivering a first report by mid-September to the Leibniz Association and discuss the most important results at the General Assembly of the Leibniz PhD Network.

Statistical software and minds were running hot in two intensive days discussing the determinants of satisfaction with working conditions, differences in compatibility of work and family life across Leibniz sections, the integration of international doctoral researchers in their institutes, and difficulties of pursuing an academic career. Drawing valid conclusions from the data is of high relevance for the Network and will steer future work and directions. Therefore, all group members are passionate to push work forward. The intensity of the debate on metrics, frequencies, and regression methods was only exceeded by a discussion on taste – after a very long working day – when choosing the perfect colour style for figures as the picture demonstrates. As we even resolved this issue (the result is still a secret), we are very confident and looking forward to present you a full report of our results very soon!

Picture: (from left to right) Christa Gotter, Sabine Thater, Jan-Lucas Schanze, Meike Weltin, Daniel Gräber, Philippe Joly

Text: Meike Weltin

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