Leibniz female Professorship Program

ReportA personal report from Rosa I. Grote-Gálvez, Section Officer C, on  the kick-off event for the Leibniz female Professorship Program “Sie kommen wie berufen”

What is the Leibniz female Professorship Program?

A funding and support program of the Leibniz Association to promote more women in science.

What is the aim of the Leibniz female professorship program?

The program aims to support the successful recruitment of internationally outstanding female scientists and to encourage the appointment to a professorship at an earlier stage in their career. The funding positions are W2 and W3 professorships, which are either permanent or have a tenure track option. The Leibniz Association started this program at its institutes in 2018. The first five female scientists have already been selected and are now being appointed to professors at their universities.

At the kick-off event for the Leibniz female Professorship Program “Sie kommen wie berufen” (a play on words combining the german frase “Sie kommen wie gerufen” replacing gerufen with berufen, which describes the appointment to a professorship) on June 13 in Berlin, these outstanding scientists and their research were introduced.


Rosa I. Grote-Gálvez

For me it was fantastic motivation I needed at this stage of my career. The great event was mixed with actual science & live stories, politics, entertainment and lots of emotion. Despite all known difficulties in science I would like to become a professor and I have never been so sure!

Download the full personal report in German.



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