The 2019 N2 Joint Event – From Research to Application

After the great success of the last N2 Conference in 2017 with around 150 participants in the Museum of Natural Science in Berlin, this year the N2 doctoral researchers’ representations of the Helmholtz Juniors, Leibniz PhD Network and Max Planck PhDnet organized another, much bigger interdisciplinary event titeled “From Research to Application”, as part of the Berlin Science Week 2019. It will take place from the 13th to  15th of November 2019 in the Umweltforum Berlin. This year´s main goal is to discuss how the basic research contributes to and how it can be translated into commercial interest. Connecting young scientists with experienced pioneers as well as basic research with industry will contribute to mutual exchange, growing networks between disciplines and the discovery of new perspectives.

The event program includes 20 workshops, a poster session, panel discussions, science slam and selected keynote speakers from several academic and industry sectors and politics, who will bring excellent insights on science policies, the translation of science into application, the importance of basic research for society and many more interesting topics.

Meet the speakers and the panel discussion on “The Future of Research” with the presidents of the Leibniz Association, Max Planck Society, and Helmholtz Association, Wiebke Esdar, MdB, or the vice president of IBM Europe.

One of the highlights of the event will be the N2 Career Fair were doctoral researchers will have the opportunity to get in direct contact with companies. To make the N2 Career Fair available to as many participants as possible, no registration fee is charged! Therefore, if a doctoral researcher cannot join the full N2 Event, they can independently register for the N2 Career Fair.

Thanks to the amazing work of the organizers sponsoring and the financial support of our organizations, the participation fee is being kept as small as possible.

Registrations are open now! Limited spots are available, so register soon!

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