This was the 3rd General Assembly of the Leibniz PhD Network

EventsExtensive social interaction, interdisciplinary exchange and continuous discussions among 82 doctoral researcher representatives and working group members from 63 out of 93 institutes and museums made this event a vibrant experience. Many thanks to all attendees.

The 3rd General Assembly took place in Jena hosted by the Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology (IPHT) and Leibniz Institute on Aging – Fritz Lipmann Institute FLI from 26th to 28th September, just right after the second birthday of the Network. As to expect from the sheer number activities in the last year starting from the survey on the situation of doctoral researchers in the Leibniz Association, the release of this very blog, the finalization of a first draft for a generic PhD agreement, the intensification of political work through N2, the network of networks, and the organisation of the first Conference of Interdisciplinarity of the Leibniz PhD Network (and the author doubts that this list is complete), the rooms which hosted a networking forum in which all these topics were presented and discussed on small tables were fully filled with people and voices, content and discussion. (more…)

Leibniz PhD Network’s 2018 – A look into the past, a glimpse of the future


With one week to go until our General Assembly 2018 in Jena, we would like to take a minute to look back on our last successful PhD Network meeting.

This year, we introduced a new format called the “Zukunftsworkshop” in which active as well as newly recruited members of the working groups and the steering group gathered at the Leibniz Head Office in Berlin on April 24th and 25th. After having last met in person at the General Assembly in September 2017, getting together half a year later was a huge morale boost for everyone. During these two very productive days, we looked back on the goals we had set on the General Assembly 2017 to see what we had achieved and where more work remained to be done. (more…)

A close-up of interdisciplinarity

EventsThe first Conference on Interdisciplinarity of the Leibniz PhD Network at the Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology (LIN) in the beautiful city of Magedburg was a full success. For two days, highly motivated doctoral researchers from all Leibniz institutes and experts in the field of interdisciplinary cooperation shared ideas on how to find the whole in the sum of the parts of different disciplines and scientific approaches in order to move towards the best of all possible worlds. (more…)

#We Want You# — Don’t miss the chance to register for the Conference on Interdisciplinarity


EventsFeel stuck in your own projects? Get out of the box with an interdisciplinary approach! Don’t miss the chance to connect with 150 doctoral researchers from all fields and establish collaborations for interdisciplinary research. Secure your spot before June 3rd here!

The two-day conference aims at enhancing theoretical and practical expertise through keynote lectures, panel discussions, interactive workshops and social events, with focus on healthy ageing, global crises, improving science impact, start-up companies, political and business consulting themes. We are looking forward to see you all in June.